I am an associate professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Ilam University. My main research interests are: 1-multicast routing, 2-Opportunistic routing,3-Wireless mesh networks, 4-Network coding. Below are some quick links to latest courses I taught:

Network Security, C++ Programming, Game Theory, Network Administration, JAVA ProgrammingComputer networks, Mobile Programming Computer Network II, Data Structures, Advanced Web ProgrammingComputer Architecture, Electronic I, Digital Electronic, Digital Design, Operating systemsIntroduction to Web Programming, Internet Engineering, Systems ProgrammingIntroduction to C++ Programming, and Randomized algorithms. For a complete list of previous courses please visit Courses section.

Contact Information

Address: Ilam, Pazhohesh boulevard, Ilam University, Faculty of Engineering,
Mailing Address: Faculty of Engineering, Ilam University , P.O. Box 69315-516, Ilam, Iran
Telephone: +98 841 2227019 ext. 444
CV: English,Persian
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